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EMGO institute for health and care research


Checklists for evaluating the methodological quality of studies

Randomized Clinical Trials: The Delphi list
Diagnostic studies: QUADAS
Economic evaluations: CHEC
Systematic reviews: AMSTAR, van Tulder et al.

Databases and other overviews of measurement instruments

Registry of Outcome Measures
Patient-Reported Outcome and Quality of Life Instruments Database (PROQOLID)
OLGA - outcome measures for assessing psychosocial effectiveness in clinical and pharmacoeconomic studies
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs, University of Oxford)
Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS)
ETS Test Link Database - more than 25,000 tests and other measurement devices
Database of questionnaires for measuring walking and bicycling (National Cancer Institute)
Short dietary Assessment Instruments (National Cancer Institute)
Health status and quality of life instruments (Medical Outcomes Trust)
Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments Database (University of Washington)
Finding Information About Psychological Tests (American Psychological Association)

Dutch websites

Database Meetinstrumenten in de Zorg 
Meetinstrumenten voor de palliatieve zorg
QUOTE vragenlijsten voor het meten van Quality of Care (NIVEL)
Vragenlijsten Fysiotherapie

Organisations relevant to the measurement of patient-reported outcomes

International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL)
Professional society for researchers interested in QOL research.
Cochrane Patient-Reported Outcomes Methods Group (PRO MG)
Subgroup of the Cochrane Collaboration, advises Cochrane reviewers about when and how to incorporate PROs into systematic reviews.
Mapi Institute
Company conducting linguistic validations of Patient Reported Outcomes instruments.
Mapi Reseach Trust
Non-profit organization that provides services with regard to searching for availability of questionnaires and their translations, literature reviews, and distribution of questionnaires.
COMET initiative
The Core Outcomes in Effectiveness Trials (COMET) initiative brings together people interested in the development and application of agreed standardised sets of outcomes, known as ’core outcome sets’. The COMET database contains over 100 references of planned, ongoing, and completd work in this area.