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COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments.

The COSMIN initiative aims to improve the selection of health measurement instruments. As part of this initiative, the COSMIN group developed a critical appraisal tool (a checklist) containing standards for evaluating the methodological quality of studies on the measurement properties of health measurement instruments. The COSMIN checklist was developed in an international Delphi study as a multidisciplinary, international collaboration with all relevant expertise involved. The focus was on Health-Related Patient-Reported Outcomes (HR-PROs), but the checklist is also useful for evaluating studies on other kind of health measurement instruments, such as performance-based tests or clinical rating scales.

The COSMIN checklist can be used to evaluate the methodological quality of studies on measurement properties, for example in systematic reviews of measurement properties. In systematic reviews it is important to take the methodological quality of the selected studies into account. If the results of high quality studies differ from the results of low quality studies, this can be an indication of bias.
The COSMIN checklist can also be used as a guidance for designing or reporting a study on measurement properties.
Students can use the COSMIN checklist when learning about measurement properties.
Reviewers or editors of journals can use the COSMIN checklist to appraise the methodological quality of submitted studies on measurement properties and to check whether all important design aspects and statistical methods have been clearly reported.




The updated COSMIN methodology for systematic reviews of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) is now available, including a guideline for conducting systematic reviews on PROMs, the new COSMIN Risk of Bias Checklist, and other tools to help you conducting your review.